• Vitokens the world’s first stock backed Crypto Token.

  • Each Token you purchase is backed by
    a stock of publicly traded company.

  • ViTokens are built on top of Block Chain protocol technology which
    makes them 100% secure and digitally transferable.

  • With Vitokens you get the best of both worlds. The security, speed
    and tradability of a Crypto Currency and asset backing of a stock.


ViTokens are the world’s first asset backed Crypto Currency. They are different from the traditional Crypto Currency because their value is derived from both the security of the network and also the value of an underlying asset. Each ViToken represents a share of a publicly traded company. ViTokens Inc will hold the shares in trust while the ViTokens are being traded.

If the market should fall for the underlying asset, ViTokens Inc will buy back the ViTokens and sell the corresponding shares on the open market. With ViTokens, you get the best of both worlds – the value of an underlying asset and the security, as well as the speed and transferability of a Crypto Currency. The assets will be sold on a Third Party Exchange that will soon be announced.

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Over the last four years many people who were early investors in Crypto Currencies became overnight billionaires; those who were late to the ‘profit-party’ risked being on the losing end. As a result of this we have teamed up with one of Europe’s oldest and most respected financial companies to offer a ViToken Buyback Program as a form of price guarantee.

To receive the price guarantee, purchases must be registered with our third party partner who will buy back the shares at the purchase price. To qualify, the minimum purchase is $1000. If the ViTokens are held for a minimum of six months, there’s a 50% guarantee and for up to one year, the guarantee is 100%.

Full T/C’s are available upon request.


We are a private investment group with over 25 years of experience. Our team is made up of fund managers, early stage VC’s, successful entrepreneurs and the world’s top security experts. We firmly believe that the emergence of Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology will likely go down in history as the single most important innovation since the creation of the internet itself.

With ViTokens you can leverage that technology to provide a safe and transparent means of investing in both this highly profitable investment asset and real world tangible companies that build products you can hold in your hand. We pick undervalued tech stocks that have a high upside value to back our ViTokens. These are the hottest moving tech start ups, to undervalued tech companies that are ripe for explosive growth.

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